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The Process Of Decision Making

Fforwm Eryri will be responsible for assessing applications following the recommendation of a National Park Authority officer.

The Forum - which includes nominated representatives from the public, private and voluntary sectors - will assess all recommended applications for grants over £1,000. The Forum meets on a quarterly basis (to find out deadline dates for submitting applications please contact the Sustainability and Community Officer).

For schemes over £1,000, the evaluation process begins with the initial screening process - the Authority will be responsible for this step.  An officer(s) will ensure that each project is consistent with the principles of the fund (see below).

A consideration of applications will be a standard item on the agenda of all the Forum’s meetings.  Once the budget has been spent for the year, the Forum will receive updates from candidates and/or officer(s).

Grants of up to £1,000 will be decided by officers of the Authority and subject to funding there are no deadlines for submission.

Principles of the fund

When we assess applications we will consider the following:

  • How do the outcomes of the scheme meet the published theme(s): These are the expressions of interest[link] that are regularly released. Four themes will be released per year.
  • Does the project accord with National Park purposes and its duty? Namely:  
    1. ‘to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area'
    2. ‘to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Park by the public’
    3. In pursuing these purposes, it is required that the NPA seeks to foster the economic and social wellbeing of local communities.
  • How do the outcomes of the scheme meet the National Park Plan's strategic objectives? These objectives are set out in the Project Outcomes section [link].
  • How do the outcomes of the scheme contribute towards the well-being goals? These are also set out in the Project Outcomes section[link].
  • Does the fund address the challenges facing the communities, environment and economy of Snowdonia National Park? The fund will not finance similar schemes within the same year or similar schemes after the life of a related scheme has come to an end (this is in order to guard against related schemes being funded year after year).
  • Does the application display partnership working? The lead candidates from each scheme will need to demonstrate clearly how relevant partners offer input (these partners can include members of the Forum as long as they declare an interest).
  • It will be possible for members of the Forum (including the Authority) to submit projects for consideration. It will be essential for any member with a connection(s) with an organisation submitting an application to declare an interest and adhere to our strict guidelines.
  • Does the scheme include the rate of match-funding from other sources (including volunteer time)? Normally, Cronfa Eryri would not offer more than 50% of the total cost of any scheme and the amount any one scheme can receive from the fund will not exceed £25,000.

Each scheme that successfully responds to the above will be presented to members of Fforwm Eryri – and this will be a standard item on the Fforwm's agenda.  More than one scheme could be supported under each Expression, although this will not necessarily mean that additional grant funds are available.  Forum members could possibly ask potential candidates to work together to maximize benefits. Once the budget has been spent for the year, the Forum will receive updates from candidates and/or officer (s).

Each scheme supported via the Fund would be subject to the standard conditions of grant and any additional conditions that apply.

As the Authority would be offering the grant, it would be necessary for the Chief Executive (or a Director in his absence) to sign the offer letters.