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Strategic Themes

As well as our overall Project Outcomes, during the year we will release new themes or ‘Expressions of Interest’ for grant applications.

Applications that meet the additional requirements of these themes will be awarded additional scoring.

These themes are created in partnership with and have the approval of the Fforwm Eryri. Themes will be publicised via Forum members, the press, direct contact with relevant partners and other relevant partnerships/ funding schemes.  Each Theme will include a short brief to give guidance to applicants on the type of applications that would be considered.  Officers from the Authority will offer support to advise candidates.

It is anticipated that it will be necessary to set 4 strategic themes (to accord with the purposes of the Partnership Plan) to be implemented within the financial year – at a rate of 22.5% for all areas, with the remaining 10% for applications under £1,000.   These strategic themes will form the basis of the Expressions of Interest.

Strategic Theme for November 2017

The theme for the coming quarter is as follows:

"Work in partnership promote cultural heritage"

The cultural heritage and identity of Snowdonia are as notable as the landscape and biodiversity. The area’s cultural heritage has evolved from human interactions with the landscape by way of farming, quarrying, mining and other activities. This relationship is echoed in poetry and literature, myths and legends, music and song. The National Park’s built heritage also illustrates an intrinsic link to the land in the form of settlement patterns, archaeology, architecture and building materials. Many of Snowdonia’s special qualities highlight the area’s cultural heritage and identity.

This theme seeks to aid the understanding and protection of these aspects whilst continuing to support a modern and contemporary culture spurred on by its heritage. It also seeks to promote economic activity related to aspects of cultural heritage in ways with which it can be enhanced and valued.

Specific projects could include but are not limited to:

  • Improve the character and appearance of Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments and their settings through improved guidance.
  • Highlight the economic importance of the historic environment.
  • Improve the quality of the historic environment, including improving the quality of Listed Buildings.
  • Improve protection and awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the National Park.
  • Ensure support is provided for events and programmes which celebrate local culture and/or improve links with other cultures.