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With a Camera in Snowdonia

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Course Number: K0401

Date: 8 April to 12 April 2019

Price: £429-£469

Course Leader/s:

Philip Evans


Snowdonia is a very special visual feast for the photographer. We plan to travel from the coast to the mountain taking in the valley and the woodland. On the way we shall explore the two major aspects of photography in the great outdoors. First, that of how to express through the ‘composition’ of our photograph what we see and second how to control our photographic equipment be it simple or complex. Often the magic of the moment is lost through lack of control. This course will help you organise yourself so that the photographic process flows smoothly. A suitable few days for beginner or more advanced photographer.

That evening time is mostly set apart for viewing our images of the day. However, some time is set apart for viewing work not made on the course. You are welcome to bring along transparencies both medium format and 35mm. Prints are welcome also but please keep the number of images in both instants to no more than ten and related to work in the landscape.

The following programme is heavily weather dependant but we shall cover all of the daily topics. Come prepared. Warm, waterproof clothing and boots are essential. Of equal importance are enough battery power and media cards. Local supplies are not readily available.


16.30 Arrive and settle in.
18.30 Dinner.
19.45 Welcome and introduction to the course

08.15 Breakfast (same time every day)
09.30 Indoor session: SEEING LIKE A PHOTOGRAPHER.
10.30 Outdoors: DOWN TO THE SEA.
16.30 Return to Plas for image processing.
19.45 Looking at our images.

Our timing remains the same but our theme for the day is SEEING LIKE THE CAMERA. Today we shall go up to the mountain. Our evening is again a review of our day’s images.

Our timing remains the same but our theme for the day is WORKING IN THE VALLEY. Much to see and do. Evening activities as before.

Sadly our ‘going home’ day. Today we shall have lunch at Plas around 12.30 and finish the course at 16:00. In between though, dependant on weather, we shall visit some photogenic areas close to the Plas.

Course taught through the medium of English