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We want you to make the most of what Snowdonia has to offer, and what better way to do this than by walking one of our promoted routes? There are walks to suit all levels of ability and interests – from challenging mountain walks to low level circular walks through native woodlands. One thing you can be sure of on each and every one is exquisite scenery!

With so many walks to choose from – how do you decide which one?! Are there any which are more suitable for a particular time of year? Which walks highlight the best of what nature has to offer? Why not let our Wardens decide for you?

Every month we will feature one of our Wardens’ favourite walks so that you can be sure to enjoy Snowdonia at its best! Remember to come back here every month to see where we will be taking you next!

Llanfairfechan Historical Trail - 1 March 2017

Grade: Moderate

Distance: 7 Km / 4.5 Miles

Time: 4 hours

Terrain: Heath and Moorland

A circular walk from the top of Llanfairfechan town, which crosses the 1000-foot, 304m contour line to take you to the foot of the Carneddau range of mountains. Explore a landscape rich in archaeological sites, dating from the Stone Age onwards.

You will be traversing a ffridd, which is rough farmland used for grazing, mainly sheep, but cattle and Welsh mountain ponies are sometimes seen. It is enclosed land usually found between lowland pastures and open mountain land. After the last metal kissing gate, you will be crossing common land. Since the introduction of sheep on a large scale two centuries ago, the moorland has changed from cattle pastures to the close-cropped grass, gorse, bracken, bilberry and heather we know today. Very often, Welsh mountain ponies can be seen on this moorland. They are left to run wild on the hills, and once a year they are rounded up.

Looking towards the sea you can enjoy magnificent views over the valley to the coast and the Menai Straits. At low tide the Lavan sands stretch across towards Anglesey. These sands are famous for their marine and bird life. Before the construction of the Menai Bridge travellers journeyed over these sands towards Anglesey completing the crossing by boat. On clear days, Parys and Holyhead Mountain are visible.

Look out for an incised stone near the wooden fingerpost; it bears a design consisting of three concentric squares, the centre of each of the sides being cut at right angles by a short line. It has been suggested that this could be a Nine Men’s Morris board – a board game, using stones and counters played by the drovers.

Alan Pritchard (Area Warden)

Archived Walks

Torrent Walk

Torrent Walk - 1 February 2018

Grade: Moderate Walk

Distance: 2½ miles - 4 km

Time: Around 1-2 hours

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Tan y Bwlch Circular

Tan y Bwlch Circular - 1 January 2018

Grade: Leisurely

Distance: 5 Km / 3 miles

Time: 2 – 3 hours

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Graigddu Circular

Graigddu Circular - 1 October 2017

Grade: The short circular – Coed Graigddu – Leisure / The long circular – Bwlch Drws Ardudwy - Moderate

Distance: 3 miles (the short circular – Coed Graigddu) / 4 miles (the long circular – Bwlch Drws Ardudwy)

Time: 2 / 3 hours

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Bala - Lake, River & Town

Bala - Lake, River & Town - 1 December 2017

Grade: Leisure

Distance: 2 miles – 3.25km

Time: 1.5 hours

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Llyn Llydaw Walk

Llyn Llydaw Walk - 1 November 2017

Grade: Leisure (Moderate)

Distance: 3.2km (4.6km to Llyn Glaslyn)

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours (3 - 4 hours to Llyn Glaslyn)

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Fisherman's Path, Cwm Bychan

Fisherman's Path, Cwm Bychan - 1 September 2017

Grade: Hard Leisure Walk

Distance: 6 miles - 10 km

Time: Around 4-6 hours

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Llyn Gwernan

Llyn Gwernan - 1 August 2017

Grade: Leisure

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 1 hour

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Aber Falls Path

Aber Falls Path - 1 July 2017

Grade: Accessible Walk (some steep sections)

Distance: 2.5 miles - 3.2km

Time: 2 hours

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Farchynys Path - Woodland Walk

Farchynys Path - Woodland Walk - 6 January 2017

Grade: Moderate Leisure Walk

Distance: 1 mile - 2 km

Time: Around 1 hour

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Lôn Gwyrfai

Lôn Gwyrfai - 1 February 2017

Grade: Moderate Leisure Route

Distance: 4½ miles - 7 km

Time: Around 3 hours

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Craig y Fron

Craig y Fron - 1 March 2017

Grade: Moderate Leisure Walk

Distance: About 3 miles (4.5Km)

Time: About 2 hours

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Penamnen Walk

Penamnen Walk - 1 April 2017

Grade: Moderate Leisure Walk

Distance: 6 miles

Time: 3 hours

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Croesor Circular Walk

Croesor Circular Walk - 1 May 2017

Grade: Moderate Leisure Walk

Distance: 3.5 miles / 5.5km

Time: About 3-4 hours

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Minffordd Path

Minffordd Path - 1 June 2017

Grade: Hard Mountain Walk

Distance: 6 miles - 10 km (there & back)

Time: Around 5 hours (there & back)

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