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Thematic Maps

In this section you will be able to see certain indicators from the 2011 Census in a map format. These maps are by Community Councils.

The National Park boundary does not always follow the Community Council boundaries. This means that some Community Council areas are 'split' with some of the area falling within the National Park, and some outside. Therefore the figures presented for areas that are ‘split’, include the data for the whole Community Council, and not just the area based within the Park.

The data can be accessed from the links below.

No Welsh Skills (PDF file)
Can Speak Welsh (PDF file)
Age Structure 0-15 (PDF file)
Age Structure 16-29 (PDF file)
Age Structure 30-44 (PDF file)
Age Structure 45-64 (PDF file)
Age Structure 65+ (PDF file)
Retired (PDF file)
Economically Active (PDF file)