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A Sense of Place

Mountains, lakes, woodlands, valleys... this is what Snowdonia National Park means to most people, but this area in north west Wales has much more to offer.

History and culture are everywhere and the Welsh language is the mother tongue of 58.6% of the population. You're sure to see and hear the Welsh language in use when you visit.

Maen y Bardd, Rowen

Maen y Bardd, Rowen (© Kevin Richardson)

The landscape illustrates the history of the area through Stone Age burial chambers, Roman forts, churches, castles, slate quarries and other industrial works.

The area is also internationally renowned for its geology. In the 19th century investigations into some of the world's oldest rocks took place in Snowdonia.

Heritage is very often something of which we are not aware, it is something waiting for us to discover and be overwhelmed by a feeling of belonging to an ancient culture or way of life.  Cultural heritage is not something that can be learned in a class or lecture, but something to live and feel, and hopefully, through the activities of Bwrlwm Eryri, we can encourage people to live and feel and discover part of our heritage for themselves.