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Wonders of Snowdonia

60 Writers, 60 Wonders, 60 Words

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Snowdonia National Park

How, you ask, can the 60th anniversary of a National Park be celebrated? What on earth can You give a National Park that already appears to have everything... mountains, rivers, lakes, plants and wildlife, noted geology, important archaeological sites, rich history and culture and vibrant communities?

Well to celebrate the special birthday of the Snowdonia National Park, it was decided that the best possible gift would be to immortalise those qualities that make Snowdonia unique, that is, the wonders of Snowdonia, through literature and photographs.

Over 60 writers and poets were commissioned to compose texts of exactly 60 words, of poetry or prose, in Welsh or in English (or Slovenian!), based on one wonder. The variety of texts is a joy to behold and demonstrates perfectly the inspiring landscape surrounding us in Snowdonia. We trust that you will enjoy reading the texts and many thanks to all of the poets and writers who contributed to the project.

Alongside the literary element, a local photographer, Jan Davies of Deiniolen, was commissioned to interpret the wonders through images. Follow the links on the left to enjoy the feast of photographs.

This project is sponsored by Literature Wales and the Arts Council of Wales, whom we thank for their generous support.

Yr Wyddfa

7. The Snowdon Massif

Eurgain Haf & Barbara Pogacnik

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Y Bala

46. Y Bala

Siân Melangell Dafydd

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