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Betws y Coed


Snowdonia Past and Present

Your village, town or street has changed over time. Snowdonia’s villages are just the same. We’ve been looking at some fascinating old photos, slowly unravelling their stories to see what they have to tell us about change in our National Park.

You can venture with us into their past with your phone or tablet. QR codes can be seen around Betws y Coed on posters. These can be scanned by mobile devices to see how that exact location has changed! If you don't have an app to read codes, visit our Tourist Information Centre to download one using our free WiFi.

Betws y Coed

Betws y Coed

In the future we hope to expand this project to other villages within Snowdonia, and you can help!

Do you have memories of Snowdonia that you would like to share? Or maybe you have old photos or postcards of our villages? If you’d like to share them and their stories with us please do so via post, Twitter or Facebook, and we may use them and add them to this section in further projects.