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This section provides more information and resources which will help you study the Snowdonia National Park. Follow the links on the left to find out more about our resources or take a look at our files below which are full of interesting facts about the Snowdonia National Park.

Find out more about Snowdonia, some of our most famous villages and other useful information by clicking on the below files;

Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve

The following sheets have been created as a means of evaluating your visit to Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve. The 'Pre Visit' sheet should be printed and used in the classroom prior to your visit, and after your visit use the 'Post Visit' sheet. By comparing both sheets you can evaluate the environmental education received during your visit.

You are welcome to take your pupils to Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve any time. The SNPA Education Service also offer guided walks; if you would like a guided walk email us to