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Group Work KS 2+3

Planning Committee

We're going to change your classroom into a planning meeting. To do this, some of you will have to be developers and some of you will be committee members.

You will need to choose five members of your class to present ‘planning applications’ to the planning committee. They will be the ‘Developers’.

Everyone else in the class will be Committee Members. Some of you will represent yourselves. Others will need to wear a different hat pretend to be someone else. You will have to pretend to be a villager, farmer, fisherman etc (you don’t have to wear a hat, but it would be good fun to make one).

You’re an important person because the areas future depends on your decisions.

If the application is allowed, it could change the landscape and the communities. The changes could be positive (good) or negative (bad).


you need to;

  • Present your application for change
  • Explain why you need the change
  • Listen to the committees discussions
  • Answer questions
  • Conform to the decision of the panel.

Committee Members

Five different members will be selected for every planning application. You can choose these be placing names in a hat. The members need to;

  • Sit on the planning committee. You will decide if the application goes ahead or not.
  • Consider the positive and negative impacts of the change.
  • Listen to what the other member have to say.
  • Vote for or against the development.

These are the committee members;

  • Villager with small children
  • County Councillor
  • Old farmer
  • Shop Owner
  • Fisherman
  • Forestry worker
  • Young Person
  • Unemployed person
  • Keen birdwatcher
  • Headmaster

These are the planning applications that you need to make a decision on;

  • Application to build 10 self contained holiday units.
  • Application to change an outbuilding into a house.
  • Application to build three turbine/wind mills 49 m tall with a rotor blade diameter of 52m on moorland.
  • Application to demolish an old chapel and build two affordable houses in its place.
  • Application for a canoeing and windsurfing centre by the lake and the creation of a new path by the river