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Wonders of Snowdonia

This is an interactive activity to reinforce mapping skills and teach students about Snowdonia.

The ‘The Wonders of Snowdonia’ includes interactive mapping and six figure grid references activities. You can use it to:

  • reinforce mapping skills – locate places using Os maps and 6 figure grid references
  • use different types of maps to interpret and introduce locational information
  • learn more about the landscape of Snowdonia through maps and photographs
  • use photographs to consider why visitors are attracted to the area.

We hope that you enjoy the resource.


  1. Choose your language.
  2. After the introduction, look at the photograph of the ‘Wonder’, read the text and click the forward arrow.
  3. Search for this ‘Wonder’ on the map then drag the correct six figure grid number into place. If you’re incorrect, the wrong numbers will ‘pop’ out and you can have another go. You can also move a number if you’ve change your mind. If you’re having no luck with it, you can move onto the next wonder by clicking the ‘give up’ button.
  4. After six wonders, there will be a short quiz about them, and a chance of another go. The ‘Wonders’ will be different the second time around.

click on the image below to launch the 'Wonders of Snowdonia'

The Wonders of Snowdonia