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Field Work

We can lead field work session in a variety of settings for Geography and Biology KS3, GCSE and As/A Level.

Collecting river data (© SNPA)

Collecting river data (© SNPA)

Put simply

Choose your theme from the list;

Key Stage 3

Book your place; We will nee to know numbers and have a rough idea of timings to ensure you get the best experience possible.

We will

  • send you a booking form,
  • send you a Risk assessment for your educational visit co-ordinator,
  • send you a pre visit pack which will include guidance on preparing your students for the visit.

Lead you on your fieldwork day, supplying equipment and advising on further study.

If you intend to conduct a fieldwork day suitable for GCSE Geography for the WJEC/Eduqas remember to conform to their methodological approach and conceptual framework for that year. (Geographical flows and cycles and flows for 2018, Qualitative surveys and Place for 2019 and Transects and Sphere of influence for 2020)

If you are planning an A Level Geography day, we suggest that you come on a residential visit, so that you students have time to research the theme, create hypothesis and create their data collection forms before the fieldwork day to conform with the six step guidance from JCQ. You can find out more about our residential centre here.

If you can’t do a residential, then we can visit the school to do an introductory/ background session so that the students can produce a hypothesis and create their data collection sheets, or offer a pre-visit pack. If you go for option two or three, then we ask that you send us a list of hypothesis before the visit so that we can ensure the requirements are met during the day.

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