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Visiting Snowdonia

We want you to enjoy your time here in Snowdonia and take back with you some great memories. So that you’re not disappointed and suitably prepared for Snowdonia’s climate and terrain, we have prepared a checklist of key things you must bear in mind before you start your adventure with us. Although your visit will have been organised to follow your local Education Authority guidelines, please remember the following;

1. Whether you’re up in the mountains or down in the valley, Snowdonia’s weather is changeable and unpredictable, so remember to;

  • Pack a raincoat and waterproof trousers. Sports coats are often shower proof but not waterproof. They must withstand Snowdonia’s driving rain.
  • Bring hats and gloves with you. They can even be useful in May and June. The temperature up in the mountains is around 9C cooler than down in the valley.
  • Wear layers of clothing. It may be cold when you start your walk but you’ll soon warm up. Remember that temperatures can drop quickly, so be prepared.
  • The mountain is an exposed place so protect yourself from direct sunlight with sun cream.

2. Time your journey and account for any stops along the way. Allow yourself plenty of time to eat lunch, have breaks and admire the views. Remember to;

  • Make sure you bring plenty of drink with you. Water is much better than pop and bring extra in hot weather.
  • Bring plenty of food and snack. Walking can be energetic so you’ll burn a lot of calories. Remember to take your litter home with you.
  • When you stop walking, your body cools down so put your layers back on. If you’re wet don’t stop for too long, as your body will cool down much quicker.

3. Walk within your group’s ability and not your own. Walking five miles may be easy for you but is it as easy for everyone else? Remember;

  • Uneven footpaths can prove difficult for some so care must be taken when walking these paths. Past injuries can resurface and ankles and knees can ache especially when descending. Take care and take your time.
  • Make sure you have an alternative route if you have to cut short your journey.

4. Be prepared before you set out and don’t rely on your mobile phone. You won’t get a signal in many parts of Snowdonia.

  • Tell someone reliable your plans, where you are going, which route you’re taking and what time you expect to be back. Leave them a copy of your map if you can.
  • Take a map and compass with you at all times but be sure to know how to use them before you set out. Other useful things to take include torch and a whistle.

Minffordd Path, Cadair Idris

Minffordd Path, Cadair Idris (© SNPA)

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