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Snowdonia Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP)

In 1992 the UK government signed the Convention on Biological Diversity, a commitment to identify and take measures to conserve our most threatened wildlife and biodiversity. This commitment led to the development of Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) throughout the UK, which are to be delivered by local partnerships of government organisations, third sector wildlife charities, voluntary groups and specialist local wildlife experts. The purpose of the LBAP is to:

  • Translate national targets for species and habitats into effective action at the local level;
  • Identify targets for species and habitats important to the local area, reflecting the values of local people;
  • Stimulate effective local partnerships to ensure programmes for biodiversity conservation are developed and maintained in the long term;
  • Raise awareness of the need for biodiversity conservation and enhancement in the local context;
  • Ensure opportunities for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity are promoted, understood and rooted in policies and decisions at the local level;
  • Provide a basis for monitoring and evaluating local action for biodiversity priorities, at both national and local levels.

Work on the Snowdonia Local Biodiversity Action Plan began in 1997, and is viewed as a long term and living strategy which will be continuously reviewed and updated where necessary. Whilst SNPA has taken a lead role in developing the Snowdonia BAP, its development and continued implementation is a partnership between a range of different organisations working together to promote wildlife conservation and sustainable development in the area. This partnership is known as the Snowdonia Wildlife Forum, and was created in 1997 with the aim of implementing the LBAP and to begin safeguarding the biodiversity resource of Snowdonia. By developing local partnerships, the Snowdonia BAP is taking account of both national and local priorities and, by developing a strategy for the conservation of species and habitats of local significance, is contributing to the delivery of national targets.

You can download a full copy of the original Biodiversity Action Plan by clicking on each of the headings below.

Section One
Introduction and Background (675kb)

Section Two
Species Action Plans (624kb

Section Three
Habitat Action Plans (367kb)

Should you require any further information on biodiversity in Snowdonia, or have any questions regarding wildlife in Snowdonia, you can contact the National Parks Biodiversity co-ordinator by calling 01766 770 274 or via e-mail at