Carneddau Landscape Partnership


Carneddau Landscape Partnership

The Carneddau is a special and varied landscape. A partnership of organisations is delivering a scheme to help people discover, record, care for and celebrate the Carneddau with the help of funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project area includes the high mountains as well as the settlement fringes and valley sides around them.


To help conserve the threatened heritage of the Carneddau by increasing understanding and enjoyment of the cultural and natural heritage of the area across a wide range of communities, individuals and organisations. The project’s core aims are to:

  • Protect rare habitats and species, nationally important archaeological remains and distinctive landscape features.
  • Keep the traditions, knowledge and place names of the landscape alive.
  • Promote sustainable land use practices.
  • Help as broad an audience as possible to discover, record, conserve and celebrate the Carneddau through events, activities, training, new interpretation and better access.
  • Maintaining the overall number of visitors with sustainable levels.


This will be delivered through nine projects:

  1. Cylchdaith y Carneddau – Circular Tour
    Establuish a multiday tour on existing Rights of Way, access improvements, promotion and creating digital and printed interpretation resources.
  2. Grazed Uplands Ffridd and mountain fringe improvements, conservation for and recording of chough and gorse and bracken clearance from archaeological sites.
  3. Landscape of Netholithic Axees Public archaeology exploring 6,000 year old stone quarries and the beautiful axes that were traded and exchanged over long distances across Britain.
  4. LiDAR Citizen Science Discovering and mapping archaeology, peatlands and landscape features using a new 3D aerial laser scan of the entire Carneddau landscape.
  5. Meadows Restoring upland meadows which are important feeding grounds for rare birds including the twite. Establishing and supporting flower rich valley-side meadows to increase biodiversity and help pollinators.  
  6. The Water Cycle: Peat and Rivers Improving riverside corridors, removing invasive Himalayan Balsam, repairing peatland, raising awareness of the environmental importance of peatland, lake and river habitats and analysing ancient pollen in peat to understand landscape change.
  7. Trees and WoodlandPlanting trees in specific areas to improve the connectivity of habitats and biodiversity and recording ancient trees, establishing small nurseries to plant local trees and remove evasive Rhododendron.
  8. Skylines Promote awareness of the distinctive high summits and ridges and knowledge of their special heritage and wildlife including bronze age burial cairns and ancient arctic and alpine plant habitats.
  9. Carneddau Voices and Place NamesA research and oral history project which will share stories, memories and information about Carneddau farming communities with a wider audience.

As well as the nine projects, the scheme has three whole scheme elements: Engagement, Communication and Grants (Community and Third Party).

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