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Carneddau Landscape Partnership


Carneddau Landscape Partnership

The Carneddau is a special and varied landscape. A partnership of organisations is delivering a scheme to help people discover, record, care for and celebrate the Carneddau with the help of funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The scheme area includes the high mountains as well as the settlement fringes and valley sides around them.

About the Area

The scheme area occupies over 220 sq km at the northern most part of Snowdonia National Park. The area is dominated by the Carneddau mountains, which include two of Wales’ five 1000m peaks, Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dafydd. Its lower slopes have a varied landscape of traditional ‘ffridd’ pasture, woodland, heath and lowland grassland. The environment of the Carneddau today is a product of its geology, altitudinal range, climatic conditions, as well as thousands of years of human activity.

Unfortunately, changing climate, farming patterns, invasive species and visitor pressures are impacting on the fragile landscapes and rich biodiversity of the ‘ffridd’ and mountain. Traditional knowledge, place names and stories that connect people with the landscape are also at risk of being lost.

A positive future for the Carneddau

The Carneddau Landscape Partnership has developed a scheme that will help promote a positive future for the Carneddau by increasing understanding and enjoyment of its history, cultural traditions and wildlife. It will conserve the area’s heritage by promoting sustainable farming that protects rare habitats, species and archaeological remains, and by recording place names and memories. A £1.7 million grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund will help deliver the scheme, worth over £4 million, over the next 5 years.


The Partnership's vision is to help conserve the threatened heritage of the Carneddau by developing a shared vision for its future through increasing understanding and enjoyment of the cultural and natural heritage of the area across a wide range of communities, individuals and organisations.


  • To protect rare habitats and species, nationally important archaeological remains and distinctive landscape features.
  • To keep the traditions, knowledge, and place names of the landscape alive.
  • To promote sustainable land use practices.
  • To help as broad an audience as possible to discover, record, conserve and celebrate the Carneddau through events, activities, training, new interpretation and better access.
  • To maintain the overall number of visitors within sustainable levels.
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