Carneddau Landscape Partnership


About the Carneddau

The Carneddau is a large and varied area of upland in the north part of the National Park which has two of Wales’ five 1000m peaks, Carnedd Llywelyn and Carnedd Dafydd.

The area is home to many rare animals and plants, including iconic bird species such as the chough as well as important habitats such as montane heath, Wales’ tundra.


Montane heath, Carnedd Dafydd (© NRW)

Archaeological highlights include 4,000 year old burial cairns on its summits and extensive relict fields and round houses of settlement around 2,000 years ago on the mid-slopes.


© Crown Copyright: RCAHMW

A hardy type of semi-wild ponies, unique to the Carneddau, roam the open mountain. Distinctive traditions, legends and place names, mainly articulated through the Welsh language, animate the cultural landscape.

Carneddau ponies (© SNPA)

Gathering sheep (© John Roberts)