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Supplier Network

An invitation to local suppliers to join the Carneddau Landscape Partnership’s Supplier Network.

We are seeking local businesses to work with us to help our communities discover, conserve, and celebrate the Carneddau!

By making the tendering process as easy as possible, we will make sure local businesses of all shapes and sizes will have a fair opportunity to join our Supplier Network.

Over the next four years, The Carneddau Landscape Partnership (CLP) will be releasing contracts worth between £500 and £15,000. These contracts will offer opportunities for local businesses to lead and support us on projects such as:

  • art schemes
  • outdoor education programmes
  • skills workshops
  • education resource creation
  • wellbeing schemes
  • and many other opportunities.

Please forward this email to any local businesses that would be interested in working with us and encourage them to apply to join our Supplier Framework!

Who should join the CLP's Supplier Network?

The CLP is planning that contracts released will fall under the following ‘lots’. If your business engages in one or more of these activities, then you are eligible to be included in the CLP's Supplier Network.

OUTDOOR: Outdoor (environment / heritage / conservation) education programmes for schools and communities.

ARTS: Arts education programmes for children / young people / adults that relate to the Carneddau Scheme themes, including community art projects, drama projects, oral history projects, community / social heritage creative projects, media projects, and content creation with participants.

SKILLS: Non-accredited thematic informal education workshops for children, young people, and communities. Themes include heritage skills, conservation skills, and awareness,

ACCREDITATION: Accredited thematic education projects for schools and communities, e.g. The John Muir Award, relevant Agored and ROA units, etc that contribute to the Carneddau Landscape Partnership Scheme’s objectives and outcomes.

WELLBEING: Wellbeing education projects for children, young people, and adults in communities, with a focus on connecting outdoor experiential learning and activity with the enhancement of physical and mental wellbeing.

Why join the CLP Supplier Network?

  • You will be notified by the CLP team when a tender is open for applications that fit your specifications.
  • Your details and supporting documents will be kept on file, making the application process easier in the future.
  • You can promote your business by notifying us of the type of work you engage in.

How to join:

Follow the link below to access the Carneddau Education, Skills and Learning guide to learn more about the Carneddau Landscape Partnership, the type of contracts that will be released, and the commissioning process.

Complete the Quality Questionnaire and we'll be in touch!

Please note that applicants need to fill in the Quality Questionnaire in relation to their business. Therefore, you may not need to fill every section.

If you have any questions or would like to further discussion, please contact Beca: