Carneddau Landscape Partnership


Themes and projects

Examples of potential partnership initiatives include:


Out-of-the-classroom environmental learning and adventure programme including resources for schools and groups of young people.

Programme of events and activities to help people of all ages and backgrounds to find out about the special features of the Carneddau’s wildlife, history, archaeology and cultural heritage.

Developing a multi-day, low-level, circular walking tour of the Carneddau with excellent links to the villages and towns around the area.

Promoting the health and well-being benefits of getting active in the Carneddau to new audiences of local people.

Supporting and extending the Young Rangers programme, for young adults 14-16+ years old.

Using modern techniques including wildlife camera traps, night-vision video, drones and LiDAR (3D landscape scan from an aeroplane) and studying ancient pollen trapped in peat to reveal the hidden wildlife, historical and archaeological treasures of the area.

Bac. students in Nant Ffrancon (© SNPA)

Enjoying the outdoors (© SNPA)


Provide training, resources and activities so people of different ages and backgrounds can get involved in recognising and recording the area’s special wildlife, history, archaeology and culture:

  • oral history
  • historic place names
  • historic farm buildings
  • important bird species including the chough and ring ouzel,
  • archaeological survey, mapping and excavation,
  • key habitats including the montane heath of the high summits, peatland and broadleaf woods
  • recording the condition of historic and archaeological features.

Oak woodland (© SNPA)

3d Landscape Scan (LiDAR) © NRW and database right

Looking after

Conservation of some of the area’s most characteristic features, such as multicellular sheepfolds, boundary walls between open mountain and ffridd (enclosed upland pasture) and hedgerows. There will be a fund for grants for these elements and for other initiatives including improving river and stream corridors, tree planting  to improve connectivity between woodlands, repairs to eroded peatland, removal of invasive species, and support for healthier montane heath, ffridd and meadows.

Working with volunteers to clear gorse and bracken from archaeological sites, maintain footpaths in excellent condition and tackle the problem of invasive plant species (Rhododendron and Himalayan Balsam).

Supporting the Cymdeithas Merlod y Carneddau Pony Society to establish a more secure future for these hardy mountain horses.

Training for new skills and qualifications and sharing experience of good practice

A countryside trainee programme

Sheepfold, Y Gyrn © Crown Copyright: RCAHMW

Carneddau ponies, Conwy Mountain (© SNPA)


Community grants programme to facilitate art and drama projects

New interpretation using the exciting information generated by the project

Digital technology to interpret and animate the story of the landscape virtually and in the landscape

A programme of special events including activities and competitions

Travelling exhibitions and pop-up shows celebrating this special landscape and its wildlife and human communities