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Carneddau Landscape Partnership


Meet the team

Marian Pye – Scheme Manager

Marian joined the Partnership in April 2020 to drive forward the delivery phase of the Carneddau Landscape Partnership Scheme. Marian oversees the programme of 24 projects that make up the Scheme, supporting the core team and partners to achieve the Scheme’s outcomes. She also reports to the Partnership Board and National Lottery Heritage Fund to ensure the scheme is delivered in line with the Partnership’s overall vision and objectives. Marian started working at Snowdonia National Park Authority in 2018 managing the Welsh Peatlands Sustainable Management Scheme. She lives in Gerlan, near the Carneddau mountains, which she regularly enjoys exploring with her dog, Wilbur.

Beca Roberts – Community Engagement Officer

Beca is from Bethesda and has strong personal ties with the Carneddau landscape. She joined the Scheme in June 2020 for the delivery phase. As the Community Engagement Officer, Beca will be managing community projects and working with young people, raising awareness of the Carneddau Landscape Partnership Scheme through wellbeing and education activities. Previously, she worked with Ynni Ogwen and Partneriaeth Ogwen developing sustainability focused community projects. In her spare time Beca enjoys gardening, hiking and supporting local charity organisations.

Lucy Webber – Scheme Support Officer  

Lucy has been with the team since June 2020. As the Scheme Support Officer, Lucy looks after the finances and works closely with the team and partners to ensure the efficient management of the budget and administer contracts. Along with Charlotte, she also provides administrative support for the Scheme. When not working, Lucy enjoys walking and reading.

Geraint Williams – Natural Resources Officer 

Geraint joined the Carneddau Landscape Partnership Scheme in December 2019 from the Snowdonia National Park Conservation, Agriculture and Forestry section for the duration of the five years. He will be responsible for administrating conservation grants and fulfilling advocacy and brokerage roles to promote sustainable land use practices. He enjoys running, growing vegetables and farming.

Lowri Roberts – Communication and Interpretation Officer  

Joining in June 2020, Lowri is responsible for delivering a range of initiatives to raise awareness of the Carneddau Landscape Partnership. She’ll be managing the media profile of the Scheme and working with the partners to ensure clear and consistent messaging along with interpretive content. Previously, Lowri worked as a Marketing Officer for a Welsh youth organisation. She enjoys spending days off on the beach, hiking and dining out with friends and family.

Charlotte Mostert – Administrative Assistant 

Charlotte joined the Carneddau Landscape Partnership Scheme in June 2020 and is the Administrative Assistant. Working part-time, Charlotte works with Lucy supporting the team and partners with administrative matters. In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys exploring north Wales with her friends and daughter and also baking for friends and family.

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