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The National Park Authority has published Supplementary Planning Guidance on Obtrusive Lighting (Light Pollution).

This document is one of a series of Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes (SPGs) which provides further detailed information in support of the policies contained in the Eryri Local Development Plan (ELDP). The purpose of the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Obtrusive Lighting is:

  • To provide detailed Guidance about the manner in which the National Park Planning Authority will deal with those planning applications in which the developments proposed require exterior lighting which may have a harmful effect on the night-time character and wildlife of the National Park.
  • To encourage developers, architects, lighting designers and ecological consultants to provide non-obtrusive lighting designs when preparing proposals for any development which incorporates an element artificial lighting outdoors. Consideration should also be given to possible obtrusive lighting from interior lights.
  • To provide Guidance to assist officers and members in determining planning applications

The revision of Eryri Local Development Plan acknowledges the designation of the Dark Sky Reserve. Also, a reference to the Reserve will made in Development Policy 2: Landscape, to ensure that any exterior lighting required in a new development will not be obtrusive and cause light pollution nuisance to neighbours, harm to biodiversity and landscape interests. It will also seek protect those areas of Snowdonia with the darkest skies.