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Knotweed Strategy

Snowdonia Knotweed Strategy - can you help us?

Are you tired of seeing Japanese Knotweed destroying the natural habitat of Snowdonia?

Do you want to help us to manage this evasive species?

We need you!

We need for as much information as possible to be gathered in order to get a clearer picture of the extent of invasive species in Snowdonia, concentrating particularly on Japanese Knotweed.

The Snowdonia National Park Authority is implementing a strategy to control Japanese Knotweed within the Park’s boundaries. This strategy follows the successful Rhododendron in Snowdonia Strategy of 2009.

It is vital to the success of this strategy that we know where Japanese Knotweed is present within the Park, to enable  us to concentrate on the areas where control is needed. 

A photo showing how Japanese Knotweed can look

Japanese Knotweed

This is Where You Come In

The Authority needs you, members of the public, to help us get a clear picture of the size of the problem. We are working on developing a mobile app that the public will be able to use in the field to locate any invasive species they find, including Jaopanese Knotweed. This app is being developed by the European Union funded project, COBWEB. We will be arranging numerous volunteer days for the public to trial using the mobile app to locate Japanese Knotweed. More details can be found here.

SNPA have also worked with Cofnod (the Local Records Centre for North Wales) to develop a website that enables the public to record sightings of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species.

Data that you collect through the mobile app and the website will be highly useful for us in highlighting Japanese Knotweed on a map of the Park. The data you collect will also include information such as the size of the area where Japanese Knotweed is present.

This will all be useful to give a picture of where Japanese Knotweed is present and highlight the areas that will need further surveys in future.

Help us identify Japanese Knotweed within the National Park boundaries by clicking on the link below, you can also record other non-native species here.

Should you require any further information on the Snowdonia Japanese Knotweed project, you can contact the Authority's Conservation Service by calling 01766 770 274 or via e-mail at parc@snowdonia.gov.wales.