State of the Park

Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrix) © Keith O'Brien

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Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency is one means of combating climate change. By using energy more efficiently and reducing demand for energy in our homes we can, not only save money, but go some way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.

A detailed breakdown of domestic gas and electricity consumption within the National Park is not available. However figures are available for Conwy and Gwynedd.


Whilst gas consumption in both Gwynedd and Conwy are below, the national average, domestic electricity consumption in Gwynedd and Conwy are higher than the national average. This is probably due to a number of factors including climate, age of properties and the greater use of electricity for heating properties off the gas grid.

Another means of showing domestic energy consumption is the Housing Eco- Footprint. The Housing Eco-Footprint measures the impact of fuel emissions from direct household energy use for heat, hot water, lighting and electrical appliances as well as the impact from household maintenance and from household construction.