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Snowdonia National Park Seascape Assessment

In parallel with the development of the Landscape Character Assessment the SNPA also collaborated in a joint project with Anglesey County Council and Natural Resources Wales to produce a Seascape Character Assessment. Seascape Character Assessment is a development of the well-established process of landscape character assessment. It divides the study area into Seascape Character Areas (SCAs); geographically-distinct areas with a unique sense of place, and comprised of different combinations of Seascape Character Types (SCT), which define types of environment through uniform or predominant character as opposed to geographical coverage

The Seascape Character Assessment is structured somewhat differently to the Landscape Character assessment. Profiles are provided for each of the SCAs (which are named by their geographical position) describing the following:

  • Location and context;
  • Summary description;
  • Constituent SCT s;
  • Key characteristics;
  • Cultural benefits and services;
  • Natural influences and sites; cultural influences and sites;
  • Perceptual qualities;
  • Forces for change and;
  • Inherent sensitivity.

The Snowdonia National Park Seascape Assessment can be found in the following link, which takes you to the SNPA's Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) notes page. It is contained within SPG 7.