State of the Park

Trawsfynydd (© Keith O'Brien)

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Tranquil Areas and Dark Skies

Within the National Park tranquil areas are determined using a multi-criteria approach, having to lie at least:

  • 4km from the largest power stations
  • 2km from major trunk roads and the edge of towns
  • 1km from medium disturbance roads and some mainline railways, areas of active quarrying, military and civil airfields, low disturbance roads, 400kv and 275kv power lines

The Tranquil Areas Map (see Figure 7) has been generated taking into consideration the general impact of noise on the environment and the impact of noise and light pollution from built up areas.

Tranquil Areas in Snowdonia

Tranquil Areas in Snowdonia (© SNPA)

Extent of tranquil areas in the national park 143,692ha

Percentage of the national park categorised as tranquil 67%

Snowdonia Dark Skies Reserve

A Dark Skies Reserve designation is a prestigious award given by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) to select destinations that have proven that the quality of their night sky is outstanding and real efforts are being made to reduce light pollution. The Snowdonia National Park Authority applied to the IDA for Dark Skies Reserve status in the summer of 2015. This followed months of survey work by volunteers who went out to measure the quality of the night skies of Snowdonia.

By gaining Reserve status in October 2015 Snowdonia will be able to take advantage of other benefits resulting from the designation. In other areas that have been designated, such as the Brecon Beacons and Galloway in Scotland, the environment, economy, welfare, tourism and wildlife have benefited, which in turn, has contributed to reducing the carbon footprint as less electricity and fossil fuels are used.

As result of Dark Sky Reserve designation it is envisaged that;

  • the area's wildlife will benefit;
  • the quality of the area's environment will be enhanced;
  • Snowdonia will have an additional natural feature to attract new visitors to the
  • area at quieter periods of the year;
  • it will provide a boost to the local economy and
  • Snowdonia’s dark skies of will be protected for future generations.

Proposed Core Zones

Proposed Core Zones