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Snowdon Visitor Survey

In order to fulfil its statutory purposes of “promoting opportunities for understanding and enjoyment”, the National Park requires an in-depth understanding of visitor trends, experience and enjoyment. Thus, a second survey of visitors on Snowdon has been conducted.

The survey was conducted by wardens, National Park staff and volunteers during August and September of 2015 and January 2016 at the starting points of the six main Snowdon paths. The overall aim of this second survey is to build on the Snowdonia National Park’s understanding of the needs, behavior and motivations of visitors to Snowdon. This second survey has enabled us not only add to the existing baseline data but also to assess changes in trends and behavior. This information in essential for analyzing trends an behaviours, which can be used to inform decision making and priorities in the future and hence effective visitor management.

How visitors rated their experience of Snowdon

How visitors rated their experience of Snowdon

The majority of visitors rated their experience as ‘Fantastic’: Visitors were asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being awful and 4 being fantastic and 83% of respondents gave a rating of 4, 16% a rating of 3. No respondents gave a rating of 1, and very few gave a rating of 2. These results are similar to those from 2013, where the large majority gave a high ration of their experience.

The full pdf report can be found by clicking in the link below. It comprises an in-depth view of demographics, visitor experience, litter, experience of walking and more.

Full Snowdon Visitor Survey Report (pdf)