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Economic Activity

The infographic below offers a summary of some of the key economic data for Snowdonia National Park.

The percentage of economically active people in the National Park who are self- employed is 10.2% higher than the national average. This trend is also true for the percentage of people who are retired within the Park. This is 4.4% higher than the national average and also 2.3% higher than the 2001 census. The National Park also has a lower percentage of people with full time jobs in comparison with the national percentage. The table below shows a breakdown of economic activity within the National Park and compares the data with 2001 figures as well as national percentages.

Economic Activity

 Actual numberSNPA - 2001 Census%SNPA - 2011 Census%Wales - 2011 Census %Wales - 2001 Census %
All categories: Economic activity18,887    
Economically active: Employee: Part-time2,54713.5%11.6%13.9%11.3%
Economically active: Employee: Full-time5,66030.0%29.0%35.6%36.2%
Economically active: Self- employed3,55718.8%17.7%8.6%7.7%
Economically active: Unemployed5833.1%3.5%4.3%3.5%
Economically active: Full- time student3561.9%1.4%3.3%2.3%
Economically inactive: Retired3,88120.5%18.2%16.1%14.8%
Economically inactive: Student (including full-time students)6743.6%3.8%6.0%6.4%
Economically inactive: Looking after home or family5733.0%5.8%3.8%9.2%
Economically inactive: Other3692.0%3.1%2.0%3.5%
Unemployed: Age 16 to 241660.9%0.7%1.4%1.0%
Unemployed: Age 50 to 741460.8%1.0%0.7%0.6%
Unemployed: Never worked590.3%0.2%0.7%0.3%
Long-term unemployed2201.2%1.3%1.7%1.1%