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The infographic above shows the difference between those who reported good/very good health in Wales with those who did so within the National Park. It can be seen that more people in Snowdonia view themselves as having good/very good health in comparison to Wales as a whole. There are also fewer people classed as being overweight or obese in Gwynedd and Conwy in comparison with Wales as a whole.

The table below shows the complete results of the health data gathered during the 2011 census. Snowdonia National Park had a slightly higher percentage of residents with very good health in comparison with Wales (+1.1%), and also had less residents with ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’ health (-2.0% and -0.7% respectively)

Health and Provision of Unpaid Care

 Actual numberSNPA %Wales %
All categories: Long-term health problem or disability25,702  
Day-to-day activities limited a lot2,4109.4%11.9%
Day-to-day activities limited a little3,08612.0%10.8%
Day-to-day activities not limited20,20678.6%77.3%
Day-to-day activities limited a lot: Age 16 to 649133.6%5.3%
Day-to-day activities limited a little: Age 16 to 641,2574.9%5.5%
Day-to-day activities not limited: Age 16 to 6413,19251.3%52.7%
Very good health12,25547.7%46.6%
Good health8,41932.8%31.1%
Fair health3,75214.6%14.6%
Bad health9833.8%5.8%
Very bad health2931.1%1.8

However the Park had a slightly higher percentage of residents who had their day to day activities limited a little, when compared with national percentages (+1.2%). Due to categorising changes between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, a reliable comparison cannot be made.

Life Expectancy

The table below shows the lifetime expectancy for newborn males and females within Gwynedd and Conwy. The survey was undertaken between 2011 and 2013.

Gwynedd79.6 years83.7 years
Conwy79.1 years82.9 years

Unfortunately the data is only available to a County Council level, but it does give some indication of what the life expectancy of the National Park residents would be. In terms of male life expectancy Gwynedd ranks as the 5th highest in Wales with Conwy the 7th highest. The female life expectancy ranks Gwynedd as the 4th in Wales with Conwy the 7th highest.

Mental Health