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Headline Steam Figures 2015

The Snowdonia National Park prides itself on being a special part of the country where people come to relax and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities in spectacular surroundings. Tourism and recreation have become a major contributor to the economy and employment within Snowdonia National Park. Both are vital aspects of the future for the Park’s economy and wellbeing.

Tourist Expenditure (indexed prices)

According to the 2015 STEAM figures (produced for the Snowdonia National Park Authority), the total tourist expenditure was £475.7 million (indexed prices).

This figure has increased significantly since 2012, although the 2015 figure is below the peak level of £493m seen in 2011. There was a decrease seen in 2012; a trend also seen in other tourism specific datasets within this section. Possible reasons for this sudden dip could include the fact that April and June 2012 were the wettest they had been since records began, with flooding throughout Wales during June. Additionally, July had below average levels of sunshine and above average levels of rainfall.

There was a slight increase (5.5%) in visitor expenditure between 2014 and 2015.

Tourist Expenditure by Category

The chart below gives a breakdown of tourist expenditure in Snowdonia National Park and shows that the most valuable tourist sector is the shopping sector. This resulted in expenditure of around £105 million in 2015, which was an increase of 4.8% from 2014 figures.

The breakdown of expenditure categories within the National Park, for 2015 is shown below.

CategoryActual total (£ million)Increase/Decrease from 2014
  Indirect expenditure£121.7 million+5.1%
  Shopping£105.35 million+4.8%
  Food & Drink£73.7 million+5.8%
  VAT£59.0 million+5.6%
  Accommodation£50.1 million+2.1%
  Transport£37.1 million+7.9%
  Recreation£28.7 million+11.9%

Although it was not the highest grossing sector in terms of expenditure, the ‘recreation’ sector saw the highest percentage growth between its respective 2014 and 2015 levels with an increase of 11.9%. Possible reasons for this could be due to the increasing levels of recreational activities available to tourist in and around the Park (for example Bounce Below, Zip World, Tree Top Adventures, Surf Snowdonia, new mountain biking paths etc).