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Planning Annual Performance Report 2016/17

21 November 2016

I am very pleased to introduce the third Annual Performance Report for Snowdonia National Park Authority’s (SNPA) planning service. The report demonstrates on how the Authority has performed against various indicators, identifies what has been done well, and identifies what steps to be taken to address areas of performance in need of improvement.

Planning is an important function for all authorities but especially so in the National Park, where the additional statutory purposes of protecting and enhancing these areas, as well as promoting people’s understanding and enjoyment of them is central to everything that we do. Our economic duty also ensures that our decisions as a Planning Authority must ensure that any development that takes place within Snowdonia accord with the principles of sustainability. Delivering an efficient and pro-active planning service is an essential element in meeting these long term local and national objectives for the benefit of existing and future generations.

This report demonstrates that the Authority’s overall performance has been reasonably good, and we continue to improve with less resources and we have a clear focus to deliver a good planning service.
The APR is an opportunity for our entire team to reflect and evaluate key areas for improvement as we try and continuously improve our Service for the benefit of all our customers, as well as for the special environment within which are charged with protecting.

There have been challenging times and there are challenging times ahead and we now must make proper use of resources, invest in technology and be more innovative, creative and flexible to respond effectively.

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Councillor Elwyn Edwards
Chairman Planning and Access Committee

Bryn y Gelynen (© SNPA)

Bryn y Gelynen (© SNPA)