Maes y Waen, Penmachno


How much will it cost?

All Outline Applications

(Including agricultural buildings)

£380 per 0.1 hectare (or part thereof) of the site area up to a maximum of £287,500

Full Application and Reserved Matters

Alterations or extensions to existing dwellings and operations within curtilage - £190

Erection of Dwellings
£380 per dwelling up to a maximum of - £287,500

Erection of buildings
(other than dwellings or plant and machinery)
£190 - up to 40 sq.m. of new floor space
£380 - 40 sq.m. to 75 sq.m. of new floor space
£380 - each additional 75 sq.m. (or part thereof) of new floor space up to a maximum of £125,000

Agricultural buildings
£70 - up to 465 sq.m. floor space
£380 - 456 sq.m. to 540 sq.m.
£380 - each additional 75 sq.m. to a maximum of £287,500

Greenhouses and Polythene Tunnels
£70 - up to 465 sq.m.
over 456 sq.m. - £380 for each additional 75 sq.m. or part thereof.

Erection, Alteration or Replacement of Plant or Machinery
£385 per 0.1 hectare (or part thereof) of site area up to a maximum of £287,500

Applications For Approval of Reserved Matters

Siting, Access and Landscaping only

Applications for Works other than Building Works

The Mining and Working of Minerals, Waste Disposal, Minerals/Material Storage
£190 per 0.1 hectare (or part thereof) of site area

Car Parks, Service Roads or Other Accesses for Existing Uses

Playing Fields
(for sports clubs or other non profit making recreational bodies)

Other Engineering or Other Operations on Land
£190 per 0.1 hectare (or part thereof)

Other Applications

Change of Use
(including change of use into 2 or more dwellings) £380 per extra dwelling created up to a maximum of £287,500

The Making of Material Change of Use of a Building or Land

Retention of Use of Buildings Without Complying with Conditions Attached to Previous Permission £170


On Land Relating to Business or an Advance Sign in a Location from which the Property Cannot be Seen

Other Advertisements

Lawful Use Applicatons etc

See Fee for Equivalent Planning Application

Applications Exempt From Payment

  1. Applications for listed building consent.
  2. Applications for extensions and alterations to a disabled person's dwellinghouse to improve access, safety,comfort etc., or to provide access for disabled persons to a building to which the public have access.
  3. Applications required by reason of an article 4 directon.
    Applications required because of the removal of permitted development rights by a condition attached to a planning permission.
  4. Applications for one revision to a development of the same character or description within 12 months of decision or in the case of withdrawal of an earlier application within 12 months of date registered.
  5. Application for consent required by any condition attached to a full permission.
  6. Application for change of use within the same class.


Application by a Community Council
50% of listed fee.