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Pre-Application Enquiry Forms

The Authority provides free pre-application advice prior to the submission of a formal application. This allows officers to identify any issues that might arise from your application at an early stage, and provide advice on how to resolve these issues. Discussing your proposals at an early stage should assist in the timely processing of any subsequent planning application if the advice provided has been followed.

General Pre-Application Enquiry Form

Pre-Application Planning Form

Please use these forms for all pre-application advise excluding Hydro Schemes. You will need to include a plan of your proposal following the examples given to illustrate the existing property / site and the proposed works.

« download pdf form

Hydro Scheme Pre-Application Enquiry Form

Pre-Application Hydro Scheme Enquiry Form

Please use these forms for all pre-application advise regarding Hydro Schemes. You will need to include an ecology, tree and archaeological survey associated with the application as well as a Design and Access Statement.

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Please note

Planning is a democratic process, and any advice provided by an officer is an informal view based upon the information provided in this form, and is given entirely without prejudice to any future decision that may be made by the National Park Authority.

The advice provided is based upon the policies of the Local Development Plan, which can be viewed at the Authority’s offices or on this website. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the policy requirements before preparing your scheme.

Further information can also be found on the Planning Portal website.

The Authority will acknowledge receipt of your completed form and advise you of the officer who will be dealing with the enquiry. We endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 20 working days, however, this timescale may be delayed if further information is required, a site visit is required, or current planning application workloads are high. We will write to advise you further if a delay is likely.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, information about all pre-application enquiries may be provided to a third party on request.