Capel Curig and Llyn Mymbyr


Annual Monitoring Report

Following the adoption of the Eryri Local Development Plan back in July 2011, work is continuing on monitoring the Local Development Plan to demonstrate the extent to which the policies are being achieved. This is the sixth formal Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) and covers the period April 2017 to the end of March 2018. The monitoring report has been considered and agreed by the Authority's Planning & Access Committee prior to submitting to the Welsh Government in October 2018.

Listed below are the previous Annual Monitoring Reports.

The Annual Monitoring Report aims to demonstrate the extent to which the Eryri Local Development Plan strategy is being achieved, whether the policies are working or not or where there is a policy 'void'. This monitoring report contains a section titled ‘implications for the plan review’. This section identifies issues which will need to be addressed in a formal review of the Plan. These issues however have not been finalised and will be subject to further evidence gathering and analysis.