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Population & Households

Apportionment of North Wales Regional Population, Household and Dwellings Projections.

Welsh Assembly Government policy identifies the latest sub-national household projections as the starting point for assessing household requirements and requires that local planning authorities should work together collaboratively, and with appropriate stakeholders, to apportion to each authority the Assembly Government household projections, or agree their own regional policy-based projections.

The Welsh Assembly Government have published their (2003 based) population and household projections for the north Wales region for 2003-2026.

For the Local Development Plan process it is necessary to consider the impact of these projections at the local level. In 2007 the North Wales planning authorities considered the potential impact of projected increases in population and households for each local planning authority. As part of this work a paper was produced that gives details of the methodology used.

In May 2007 a range of key stakeholders representing economic and environmental interests from the public to private and voluntary sectors met to discuss the issues and implications of the paper. The output from this regional event has been collated into a report that can be viewed below.