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Maes y Waen, Penmachno


Planning Services

Structure of Planning Services

The Planning Service has at its head the Director of Planning and Cultural Heritage. In addition to a corporate cross-cutting responsibility for developing initiatives for Social Inclusion and Economic Regeneration, the Director of Planning and Cultural Heritage (Chief Planning Officer) is responsible for the three Sections which make up the service. They are:

Policy and Strategic Plans, Responsible for:

  • Statutory and Non-Statutory Policy Making and Delivery
  • Community Development
  • Sustainability

Development Management and Compliance, Responsible for:

  • Planning Applications
  • Development Enquiries
  • Unauthorised Development
  • Planning Appeals

Cultural Heritage, Responsible for:

  • Conservation Areas
  • Listed Buildings
  • Listed Building Applications
  • Available Grants
  • Buildings at Risk

Cross-Cutting Themes:

  • Social Inclusion & Economic Regeneration