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If we refuse you planning permission, you will always be given an explanation of the reasons in writing.

If you’re unclear about our reasons for turning down your application, please contact us to discuss this. After discussing the issues, you may find that you are able to alter your original proposal and re-submit your application. This can be done within a year of the refusal and in most cases will not involve paying another fee.

My right of appeal

If your planning application is refused or if we gave permission but set conditions which you think are inappropriate, you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate at the National Assembly for Wales. You will have six months from the date of the decision notice that we sent you to do this.

What should I consider?

When deciding whether to appeal you should consider that in general, the chances of your appeal succeeding depends on the merits of your proposal and how it fits in with local and national policies. It is unlikely that your personal circumstances will outweigh any substantial planning considerations.

Our planning decisions are mainly based on the policies set out in the Eryri Local Plan, which is the development plan for the whole of the National Park. One important factor that the Planning Inspectorate will consider is whether your proposal goes against the policies within the Eryri Local Plan.

There are also policies which apply nationally. Whether your application fits in with these policies will also be considered.

The Snowdonia National Park Authority has 18 members, 9 Local Councillors appointed by Gwynedd Council, 3 Local Councillors appointed by Conwy County Borough Council, and 6 members appointed by the Welsh Assembly Government.

How can I make an appeal?

You can make an appeal by following the link below and visiting the Planning Portal website, where you will find information on to how to use the Planning Casework Service and make an appeal online. Only an applicant has a right of appeal against a decision.

You can make an Appeal regarding the following:

  • Householder Appeal
  • Planning Appeal
  • Enforcement Appeal
  • Listed Building / Conservation Area Appeal
  • Listed Building / Conservation Area Enforcement appeal
  • Lawful Development Certificate appeal
  • Advertisement appeal

« Make an Appeal (opens a new window)

You can also make an appeal by useing an official form, which is available from the Planning Inspectorate, Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ.

How will the appeal take place?

Around 80% of appeals are dealt with under the written procedure. The case is decided on written exchanges of information from you and us. This is the quickest and cheapest method of appealing.

A small number of appeals are dealt with at a hearing or inquiry. An inquiry will be more time consuming and can be expensive, but will give you an opportunity to challenge any evidence directly.

For further information to help you decide whether an appeal is appropriate, please see the Planning Inspectorate booklet ‘Making your planning appeal’, which are available at our head office reception. The booklet explains the whole process in detail.

View a planning or enforcement appeal

To see an appeal decisions made or in the process of being made by the Planning Inspectorate, updated daily, you will have to visit the Planning Portal by using the 'Search for an Appeal' link below.

  1. Enter Snowdonia National Park Authority in the Local Planning Authority box.
  2. Add any other search criteria.
  3. Select 'search for case'. A results page will then display.

« Search for an Appeal (opens a new window)

What if I want to complain about the service I received?

We have an internal complaints procedure which you can use. You do not have to wait until your application is decided to complain, you can do this at any time.

For further information please contact Snowdonia National Park Authority’s Planning Service.