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The Snowdonia National Park logo was was designed in 1957 when the park was still in its first years of designation. Since then it has undergone several subtle changes, but still retains the basic elements of the original design.

If you need to use our logo for commercial purposes, in either digital or print, and do not have our consent, you need to contact us and seek our permission. You can do this by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

IF you have our consent to use our logo, or you are using it for personal or educational purposes, please following these guide lines.

Using our Logo

The Snowdonia National Park Logo is available in several formats, which one you use depends on the environment it is going to be used in. Full colour digital or print jobs can use the full colour logo, while single colour jobs can use a single colour version.

Pantone 541

Logo Colour

Our logo can be used in full colour, in our house style colour, which is dark blue (Pantone 541) and white, or in black and white. Unless there are good reasons not to, the logo should be used against a white or light background. In general we prefer our logo to be used in either full colour against a white background, or in dark blue (Pantone 541) against a white background.

Logo Artwork
Under no circumstances must our logo be altered in any way, and an original version, obtained from us should always be used. It can be downloaded in several different formats, (see below).

How to Download a Logo

To download a logo, choose the type and then size and right click on the link (ctrl and click on a mac), then by selecting 'save image as...' navigate to an area on your device where you would like to save it and click 'save'.