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Course Number: K1101

Date: 8 November to 10 November 2019

Price: £239

Course Leader/s:

Harriet Earis


This course will explore some quirks of welsh language and literature in a fun and accessible way. It is suitable for people with no previous knowledge of Welsh, but also aims to give new insights to welsh speakers of all levels.

Do you feel that you do not have time or inclination to learn Welsh properly, but you want to learn more about the language – about how it compares with other Indo-European languages, what’s different about it, what’s special about its literature? Maybe you have moved to Wales? Or maybe you’re already a Welsh speaker but you want to understand the history of the Welsh language from earliest times to the present day? Harriet Earis has a degree in “Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies” from Cambridge where she studied Old and Middle Welsh along with all the other Celtic languages. She has an infectious enthusiasm for Welsh language, music and literature and the history of words and languages. She is also an internationally renowned harpist.


16.30 Arrival and Registration
17.45 Introduction to the Plas
18.00 Bar
18.30 Dinner
19.30 Background to the language. Etymology and word games – are Welsh and English words closer than you might think? Analysing a Welsh song.

08.15 Breakfast
09.30 Quirks of Welsh – grammar and what Welsh does differently to other languages
11.157th-12th century. The start of Welsh – the Old North, early medieval poems and manuscripts - Aneurin, Taliesin and Canu Heledd.
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Workshop: Welsh poetic metres: how to write and read cynghanedd in English
14.30 12th-14th century. Later medieval literature – featuring Dafydd ap Gwilym, Iolo Goch and Y Mabinogi
16.00 Workshop: Use your Welsh! – practise some common Welsh phrases and learn their etymology.
1700 15th-18th century – Lewis Glyn Cothi, Guto’r Glyn, Dafydd Nanmor, etc.
18.30 Dinner
19.30 The History of Music in Wales – Celtic harp concert and lecture showing the development of Welsh music from the medieval Ap Huw manuscript to the present day

08.15 Breakfast
09.30 Understanding Welsh place-names
19th-20th century literature – featuring Daniel Owen, Gwenallt, Waldo Williams, etc 11.1520th-21st century literature - featuring Ifor ap Glyn, Mererid Hopwood, Islwyn Ffowc Elis and many others. Revision and summary.
12.30 Lunch and then depart.