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Access and Public Rights of Way, Law and Management

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Date: 2 March to 6 March 2020

Price: £715.00

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Sessions will be led by a selection of specialist speakers from National and Local organisations.



To gain further knowledge and understanding of Access and Public Rights of Way Law (including the CROW ACT) and the skills required in their effective management.


Participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend the duties and responsibilities necessary for the management of public rights of way and access to the countryside.
  • Develop further knowledge and understanding of Access and Public Rights of Way legislation and become aware of new policies and policy guidelines and legislative changes regarding rights of way and access law.
  • Gain further knowledge of the implementation of parts 1 and 2 of the CROW Act.
  • Consider some of the methods which may be employed in surveying and managing existing rights of way.
  • Understand the role of Public Inquiries and their procedures and the value of historical evidence.
  • Comprehend the implications for rights of way management with respect to disability legislation.
  • Understand the issues involved in implementing and monitoring RoWIP’s.
  • Develop the management skills and knowledge required for consulting and dealing with conflicts between landowners and occupiers, user groups and right of way authorities.


The course will consist of lectures, discussions, case studies and group exercises.


Countryside and Rights of Way staff who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of Rights of Way legislation and the skills and techniques required in their effective management.  Participants are likely to be employed as Countryside / Project Officers, Rights of Way Officers, Rangers and Wardens in the field of Access and Recreation / Conservation Management.


Monday, March 2
17.00 Arrival and Registration.
18.30 Evening Meal (same time each evening).
19.30 Introduction to the course.
19.50 Definitive Maps their use and failings: Bruce Wallace; Consultant and Former Rights of Way Officer, Carmarthenshire County Council

Tuesday, March 3
08.15 Breakfast (same time each morning).
Definitive Map/Statements and the Implications of the Crow Act
09.15 Developing a new definitive map: Bruce Wallace.
10.30 Coffee.
10.50 Updating of Maps / Continuous Review: Bruce Wallace and Claire Goodman-Jones, Birchill Access Consultancy:(a) Additions, (b) Upgrading / Downgrading, (c) Deletions.
12.30 Restricted Byways and the 25 year cut off date, and the demise of Discovering Lost Ways.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Public Path Order Procedures - Session led by Bruce Wallace and Claire Goodman-Jones.
(a) Creations, (b) Diversions / Extinguishments.
15.00 Rights to apply/crime/conservation.
15.15 Tea.
15.30 Group exercises and case studies.
16.30 PROW and legal searches: Bruce Wallace.
16.50 Feedback and discussion.
19.30 Historical Evidence - significance, value and interpretation: Sian Barnes; Rights of Way Officer, Powys County Council.

Wednesday, March 4
09.05 Dealing with opposed orders, preparation of case, public inquiries: Sian Barnes.
10.30 Coffee
10.45 Continued.
12.15 Lunch.
13.00 History of Access; Mike Taylor; Rights of Way Manager, Cheshire East Council.
13.45 Enforcement, Powers and Duties and Protocols
and Procedures; Mike Taylor
15.30-15.45 Tea
15.45 Enforcement by Default Action and prosecution.
19.30 Access for all – duties and responsibilities for the inclusion of disabled people under the Equality Act 2010 and CROW Act and other legislation: Andy Johnson, Director, Countyside4all.

Thursday, November 29
09.15 Access for All continued.
10.15 Coffee.
10.30 Access for all continued
11.30 Site visit with packed lunch
14.30 PROW Maintenance and Improvement - How the Highway Authority carries out its duties and exercises its powers in practice: David Coleman, Former Rights of Way Officer, Gwynedd Council.
15.30 Tea
15.45 Rights of Way Improvement Plans.
19.30 Managing Access in Snowdonia: Peter Rutherford, Access Officer, SNPA.

Friday, November 30
09.15 Managing open access and the CROW ACT; Michael Smith, Senior Officer (Access, Recreation & Partnerships – Mid Wales), Natural Resources Wales
10.45 Coffee.
11.10 Session continued
12.15 Summary and course evaluation.
12.30 Lunch - Course ends after lunch.