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Visiting Snowdonia

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Cycling Access

It is important to remember that most land in the Snowdonia National Park is privately owned and farmed, and that access using a cycle is only allowed on certain Public Rights of Way.

For off-road cyclists, Rights of Way are:

  • Bridleways – and where cyclists must give way to walkers and horse riders.
  • RUPPS - (Roads used as Public Paths). These are normally legally available to cyclists.
  • Unclassified County Roads - These are shown as white roads on Ordnance Survey Maps, but, private roads are also shown in this way. Cyclists are advised to check their status on the definitive maps held by the Highway Authority.

It is important to note that:

  • Public Footpaths are for pedestrians only.
  • On open access land there is no right of access with a cycle without the landowner’s permission, except where an existing bridleway or RUPP crosses the land.

Users should kindly note that there are voluntary agreements in place for restricted access on Snowdon for mountain bikes.


E Bikes and off road e bikes are growing in popularity and are simply cycles which are motor assisted and most must be pedalled to activate the motor assistance. They are also allowed on any routes in the same manner as normal cycles such as bridleways, cycleway or road.

However, there are some rules which are applicable to their use.

  • Users must be 14 years of age or over to use them.
  • Their motors must be less than 250W capacity
  • The motor should not be able to propel a cyclist at more than 15.5mph (i.e. max speed) – anything beyond that speed then the motor will no longer assist the rider.
  • In the same manner as a normal cycle by law you must give way to walkers and horse riders.

Please keep to Rights of Way.

You will minimise disturbance to farmers and their livestock, wild animals, birds and plants. Remember to follow the IMBAs Rules of the Trail.

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