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Tomen y Mur

Covid-19 update 23:03: Tomen y Mur site is closed until further notice.

One of the most interesting archaeological areas in Snowdonia is the complex of Roman and other remains around Tomen y Mur, near Trawsfynydd. The fort was first built in timber and about 30 years later it was reduced in size and rebuilt in stone. The fort occupies a low rise with commanding views of the surrounding countryside and the same strategic position was used by the Normans for their earthwork castle. There is a tradition, based on the Mabinogion tale of Math fab Mathonwy, that this was also the site of a Dark Age llys, for which there is not yet any archaeological confirmation.

Tomen y Mur

Tomen y Mur (© SNPA)

The National Park Authority now has a management agreement with the owner of Tomen y Mur, which is a rewarding site to visit. A section of the stone wall has been reconstructed to its full height, with a reproduction of one of the centurial stones found on the site.

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Just off the A470 between Blaenau Ffestiniog and Trawsfynydd.

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There is no entrance fee.

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Open all year round.