Visiting Snowdonia

Cader Idris from Foel Caerynwch


Snowdon Warden

Snowdon - 28 January 2019, 13.00pm


Area - Snowdon

Date - 28 January 2019
Time - 13.00pm
Snow Above - 400 metres
Report By - Snowdon Warden

Route Taken

PYG track


  • Streams and wet areas are frozen.
  • Wet surfaces are coated in ice.
  • Heavy frost cover on rocks and vegitation.
  • Depth of snow increases with altitude.
  • Snow drifts in areas.
  • Paths difficult to follow.
  • Slopes and paths paths covered in hard snow and ice.
  • Major paths obscured making navigation difficult.
  • Ice covered paths from lower levels up. Loose powder snow as well as compacted, hard base underneath.

Kit Advice

The following is a list of additional kit required based on the current conditions.

  • Ice axe and crampons essential.
  • Wear crampon compatible boots.
  • Ski goggles for strong winds and blowing snow.
  • Take waterproofs, hat, gloves and spare warm layers.
  • The mountain is in full winter mode from all sides and only those with suitable clothing, equipment and the ability to navigate and look after themselves in winter conditions should attempt to walk to the summit.

Additional Information

Zig Zag section and upper levels of PYG track are banked out with snow making navigation and walking difficult. The link section of the Miner's path up to the PYG track is iced over as well as most of the Llanberis path from summit to the Halfway Cafe.