Visiting Snowdonia

Cader Idris from Foel Caerynwch


Snowdon Warden

SnowdonCadair Idris - 1 February 2019, 10.00am


Area - SnowdonCadair Idris

Date - 1 February 2019
Time - 10.00am
Snow Above - 300 metres
Report By - Snowdon Warden

Route Taken

PYG and Miners track


  • Streams and wet areas are frozen.
  • Wet surfaces are coated in ice.
  • Heavy frost cover on rocks and vegitation.
  • Depth of snow increases with altitude.
  • Snow drifts in areas.
  • Paths difficult to follow.
  • Cornices unstable overhanging snow forming on cliff edges.
  • Slopes and paths paths covered in hard snow and ice.
  • Major paths obscured making navigation difficult.
  • Depth of snow increases with height. Large drifts containing wind slab which increase with height. Paths banked out with snow. Unstable wind slab at higher levels on S to S/E aspects in particular at around 800 metres.

Kit Advice

The following is a list of additional kit required based on the current conditions.

  • Ice axe and crampons essential.
  • Wear crampon compatible boots.
  • Ski goggles for strong winds and blowing snow.
  • Take waterproofs, hat, gloves and spare warm layers.

Additional Information

Cadair Idris - snow and ice from 400 metres. Paths covered in ice and depth of snow increases with height making navigation and walking difficult.