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Visiting Snowdonia

Cader Idris from Foel Caerynwch


Dôl-goch, Tywyn

What is special about the place? - There is an interesting and varied woodland in the humid gorge facing north-west. The wood has seen little grazing over the years and there is therefore an unusually luxuriant variety of plants to be seen here including honeysuckle, ivy and several fern species.

The northern side of the gorge has acid soils and heathery vegetation the higher up one goes. The southern side is the complete opposite and the plants seen here, especially dog’s mercury, primrose and wood avens reflect this.

It is possible to reach the site by using the Talyllyn Railway line and there is also ample car parking space.


Come and visit the magical Dôl-goch Gorge

Keep to the paths, The first part is firm and easy to access. The path then rises steeply – steps have been provided over the steepest parts.

Allow 45 minutes to reach the head of the gorge.

Some parts may be slippery and care should be taken.

Keep all dogs on leads.

Dôl-goch Gorge, Tywyn

Dôl-goch Gorge, Tywyn (© Crown copyright (2006) Visit Wales)

Header image - Morfa Harlech (© Crown copyright (2014) Visit Wales)