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Current Projects

As part of their work, our wardens undertake a number of interesting and varied projects that often sees them working in partnership with other organisations to promote the safe enjoyment of the National Park. Wardens have their own project portfolio and the work carried out varies for each area of the National Park.

The below projects will give you an idea of the work undertaken by the Snowdonia National Park Warden Service.

Morfa Dyffryn Nature Reserve

Our Dolgellau based warden Gethin Corps is responsible for managing the Morfa Dyffryn Nature Reserve with its natural sand dune system and long sandy beaches. The sand dunes are extremely dynamic with many gaps allowing the wind to blow sand into the reserve, continually changing the landscape. His projects include maintaining the network of boardwalks that make access for the less able much easier.

This work involves carrying out necessary repairs and ensuring the boardwalk is structurally sound. One of Gethin’s tasks is to keep an eye on the number of rare plant species and wildlife that inhabit the reserve. This conservation work is essential to protect the diverse wildlife and habitats within the area. Other duties include monitoring water levels in the reserve and recording his findings.

Traeth Benar

Traeth Benar (© SNPA)

Footpath Maintenance and Safety Videos

Working out of the warden office at Betws y Coed, Ioan Ll. Davies’ work programme varies from footpath duties to being the face of the National Park’s mountain safety videos. Some of the projects he’s involved with include monitoring the wildlife on the Migneint moors, keeping a close eye on rare bird species, water voles and managing the mink population within his area. His work maintaining the footpath network includes erecting stiles and gates to make the paths more accessible to the public. Ioan also works to produce the National Park’s safety videos, offering advice to visitors on how to be prepared before setting out.

National Park Warden, Ioan Davies

National Park Warden, Ioan Davies (© SNPA)

Morfa Harlech

The National Nature Conservation Site at Morfa Harlech is looked after by the National Park Warden Ifan Eryl Jones, in partnership with the Countryside Council for Wales. The site includes a system of sand dunes that have been designated sites of Special Scientific Interest to protect the area’s unique habitat and wildlife. Ifan’s conservation work involves working on numerous projects conducting reviews and monitoring mammals such as goats, mink and polecats.

The area’s diverse habitat makes it a great hunting ground for birds of prey such as the Red Kite and Glaslyn Osprey that were the first breeding pair of Ospreys in Wales. Back in September 1988, Morfa Harlech drew international media attention when a male leatherback turtle washed ashore on Harlech beach. It was estimated to be around 100 years old at the time. It remains the world’s largest recorded specimen, measuring 2.91m in length and is today preserved at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

National Park Warden, Ifan Eryl Jones

National Park Warden, Ifan Eryl Jones (© SNPA)

Header image - Morfa Harlech (© Crown copyright (2014) Visit Wales)